“Splendid, Surreal!” Shen Yun in Stockholm, Sweden

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“Splendid, Surreal!” Shen Yun in Stockholm, Sweden
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Added: 14-04-2012
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Today Shen Yun Performing arts performed a second show at the Cirkus Theater in Stockholm, Sweden, drawing numerous curtain calls and standing ovations./nArtist Vincent O'Reilly was at the show. He works in multiple artistic fields. One example of O’Reilly’s work is an official light installation at the 1994 Olympic Games in Norway./nMr. O’Reilly spoke enthusiastically about the performance./n[Vincent O´Reilly, Artist]:(Male, English) “I have been telling my friends all the time you know, it’s absolutely breathless, breathless and the way the movements and the way the movements come together, the choreography, the flow, the expression, the atmosphere of how the bodies moving and the synchronization and how the synchronization comes together... splendid, surreal, surreal!”/nMr. O’Reilly commented on the Digital Backdrop that’s blends with the dancers on stage./n[Vincent O´Reilly, Artist]:(Male, English) “So as you watching it you start to see the atmosphere like you get hypnotized and it looks wonderful how you use the cartoon to make the performance become so surreal and suddenly becomes reality as well.”/nMr. O´Reilly liked the colors in the performance./n[Vincent O´Reilly, Artist]:(Male, English) ”I think the show is absolutely splendid, the colors, the atmosphere, the way the colors come together showing different atmospheres and then the language and the quality and the way this language comes together and the expression and with the Chinese harmony of the music, this for me is probably the best advertising for China ever! That’s my honest opinion”./nShen Yun Performing Arts will have its last show in Stockholm on Friday, before performing in Paris on April 10th.

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