Austrian Theater Director Says "Shen Yun is Magic"

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Austrian Theater Director Says "Shen Yun is Magic"
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Added: 14-04-2012
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NTD Television is a proud sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts. We interview people who've experienced this world-class show all around the world./nClaus Helmer is an Austrian actor and Director of two theaters in Germany. He watched Shen Yun perform in Frankfurt last Friday./n[Prof. Claus Helmer, Actor & Director]: (male, German) "It was a wonderful evening, there was great aesthetic and great precession. It's very rare to see something like that. Such rich colors and so graceful, it was amazing. It was a beautiful unforgettable evening."/nThe mission of Shen Yun Performing Arts, to "restore and revive Chinese traditional culture" resonated with Prof. Helmer./n[Prof. Claus Helmer, Actor & Director]: (male, German) "It's fascinating to see this old culture which you don't see anymore in TV or in movies. But tonight they imparted 5000 years of what [traditional Chinese] culture was and still is, but hidden. It was wonderful."/nWhile much of traditional Chinese culture has been suppressed since the Cultural Revolution, Shen Yun strives to restore 5000 years of Chinese civilization all the way to the present time. The company also depicts injustices that are happening in China today. Professor Helmer saw those pieces in a positive light./n[Prof. Claus Helmer, Actor & Director]: (male, German) "[Choosing between] good or evil. That's the same with the electricity the positive and the negative. And, as I see it, the positive always wins. And that's something really wonderful, to leave tonight and be able to say, 'Life is beautiful!'"/nShen Yun also uses an animated backdrop on stage that interacts in the dance./n[Prof. Claus Helmer, Actor & Director]: (male, German) "It's a dream. Everything fits together. It's so colorful. The backdrop is high tech. The performers come out of the backdrop and from one moment to the next they are standing on stage. It's magic. It's a fascinating view. It's very unique to experience something like this these days. It's perfect."/nNTD News, Frankfurt, Germany

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