Shen Yun Premieres in Melbourne Interview Charles DeLonge

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Shen Yun Premieres in Melbourne Interview Charles DeLonge
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Added: 14-04-2012
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[Charles DeLonge, Opera Singer]:/n"I came to the show, and I said to myself, would I be able to enjoy it because they're going to sing in a foreign language? And I said to myself when it started, these people are marvellous, they take me to another dimension! And then I said to myself, it must have taken a tremendous amount, hours upon hours of rehearsing and before the rehearsal even to place, I said to myself, they must have auditioned endless amounts of people, because I tried to differentiate between those that were on stage. The dancers were all the same height, they were the same build, the costumes all looked the same on everybody, and everyone, in my opinion, looked like a principal dancer. So, and that's the reason why I thought to myself, wow! They've taken me to another world./nI've been to many, many shows, and having sung some operas myself, I said to myself, the combination and the orchestration, fantastic! Because the combination of the Eastern instruments and the Western instruments, what a marvelous combination! And there was opera, there was musical, there was comedy, everything involved in the way the music played. I thought to myself, gee, was it amazing what can be accomplished./nThen the tenor and the soprano came out. And then, first thing I noticed, there was no amplification. And I said, now that is what my teacher taught me, said to me, the human voice is the most marvellous instrument. And tonight, he wasn't proved wrong, because I liked and enjoyed every sound that came. That was so pleasant to listen to. And then it reminded me so much when he said to me, when I used to sing in Italy, in Milan, "Carlo, the sound is in the throat." And their sounds are definitely in their throat because it was thoroughly enjoyed./nI would recommend anybody, take your last dollar, and come and see this show. It is fantastic. I enjoyed every moment from start to finish, and would love... I think I'm coming tomorrow night again."

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