Hong Kong Fights Foreign Domestic Workers' Residency Ruling

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Hong Kong Fights Foreign Domestic Workers' Residency Ruling
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Added: 22-02-2012
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Hong Kong's government has launched an appeal against a landmark court ruling… granting thousands of foreign maids the right to seek permanent residency in the financial hub./nLast September, Vallejos Evangeline Banao, a Filipino domestic helper, won a legal battle to apply for permanent residency in Hong Kong. It’s a verdict that Hong Kong residents and the government believe will open the floodgate to about 300-thousand such workers to also claim the right of abode./nThe High Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny foreign maids the right of residency even though many were employed on short term, two-year contracts, that are often repeatedly renewed./nUnder Hong Kong's constitution, foreigners are entitled to permanent residency -- and with it, rights to voting, welfare and other services -- if they have resided here for a continuous period of seven years./n117-thousand domestic helpers have been continuously working in Hong Kong for more than seven years and potentially eligible for residency based on the court's judgment./n[Eman Villanueva, Vice Chairman, Filipino Workers' Union]: "Hong Kong claiming as an international city should, the government should be the one leading the respect for the rule of law. In upholding the rule of law. It should not be the first one to oppose any decision, specially of the highest court of the land."/nHalf a dozen protesters belonging to the Hong Kong Society Concern Group, supporting the government to limit who becomes a resident, chanted slogans and held banners outside the court.

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