Chinese Regime Defends Shooting Unarmed Tibetan Protesters

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Chinese Regime Defends Shooting Unarmed Tibetan Protesters
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Added: 09-02-2012
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On Tuesday, the Chinese regime defended its shooting of unarmed Tibetan protesters in China’s Sichuan Province on the first and second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year./nOverseas Tibetan advocacy groups said at least seven Tibetans were killed and dozens were wounded during the two days of shooting./nThe Chinese Foreign Ministry said external forces had instigated the protests and the series of self-immolations in the Tibet Autonomous Region./nThe Foreign Ministry spokesman called the unarmed protesters criminals./n[Liu Weimin, Foreign Ministry Spokesman]: "Currently the situation has been effectively dealt with. We believe that the recent series of events had clearly been masterminded and stirred up by someone behind the scenes."/nThe Chinese regime blames exiled Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama—the Tibetan spiritual leader—who fled to India after a failed uprising in 1959, for encouraging the protests./nAccording to Radio Free Asia, three more Tibetans set themselves on fire last Friday, in the aftermath of the shooting./nAmid the unrest, the Chinese regime has stepped up its already-heavy security across the Tibetan Autonomous Region—cutting off communications and blocking foreign media correspondents from reporting./nA Tibetan poet and activist said the protests and self-immolations show Tibetans' growing despair./n[Woeser, Tibetan Poet and Activist]: "There has been little response from the outside world…The Chinese regime has done little to appease Tibetans and is in fact using ever greater force to oppress them. In this situation, Tibetan people's disappointment, their despair, grows greater and deeper.”/nWoeser said Chinese state security staff has warned her not to speak to foreign media./nSince March last year, as many as 19 Buddhist monks, nuns, and other Tibetans have burned themselves in protest over the oppressive rule of the Chinese regime./n

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