Audience Welcome Chinese New Year at Shen Yun in Mississauga, Canada

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Audience Welcome Chinese New Year at Shen Yun in Mississauga, Canada
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Added: 22-01-2012
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Audience members welcomed in the Chinese New Year, at last night’s Shen Yun performance in Mississauga, Canada./n[Blake Butler, Bank Vice President]: “Because it is the New Year – so start the New Year with a bang.”/n[Christine Campbell, Law Firm Clerk]: “I think a sense of joy. I’m so happy to start the New Year this was a blessing. I feel truly blessed to be able to be here this evening.”/nHuman form impressionist painter Wadi Kukaryshen came to see the colors, but he left with much more./n[Wadi Kukaryshen, Painter]: “Very uplifting. Makes you feel good inside.” /nHe found the color combinations in the costumes and backdrops quite unique./n[Wadi Kukaryshen, Painter]: “Certain colors I wouldn’t think of putting together. I’ve never seen together and it was amazing to see how they all go so nicely… A lot of the greens, and pinks and gold colors. It’s so many colors actually, almost every color of the rainbow.”/n[Christine Campbell, Law Firm Clerk]: “You just go behind the scenes and feel it. You have to really feel it and it’s just really emotional for me, the scenes. I had tears coming.” /n[Susan Floro, Photographer]: “Each dance, I would say, this is my favorite, this is my favorite. But I think the snowflake dance, was, it brought me to tears. It was really amazing how technical these dancers are.”/n[Peter Ford, Doctor]: “I really enjoyed the combination of the western live orchestra with the traditional Chinese instruments. That worked really well, that was fantastic.”/n[Christine Campbell, Law Firm Clerk]: “Truthfulness and standing up for what’s right. That’s what’s really important— the truth will set people free.”/nNTD News, Mississauga, Canada/n

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