About Video Pedia World(VPW)

Our Mission

We dedicate to promote traditional cultures and serve communities

We shall be happy to work with governments, private organizations, educational institutions and people interested in the future welfare of human society to build this platform. The objective here is how will this platform benefit our audience now and in the future and bring to them the essence of human cultures. We want our audience to find what they like to see on this platform at all times and regardless of where they are located.


Upload training and Instruction

We would like to remind all our helpers uploading the videos please read our mission Carefully, what we do is to build up the education platform and present the traditional Culture and culture essence of human society. As you know that this is not easy, but we start the journey. So, please upload the qualified videos corresponding to our mission and tasks. We have training program to help you work with us, please send your request to contact@videopedia.us make the schedule and we can give you the necessary training. Thanks for your cooperation and help.

Video pedia World

March, 02 2010